New Pokemon Synopsis Teases Ash's Rematch with Korrina

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has returned with new episodes following its COVID-19 delay, and the [...]

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has returned with new episodes following its COVID-19 delay, and the synopsis for the next episode of the series teases Ash Ketchum's rematch with the Shalour City Gym Leader Korrina. The current iteration of the anime has been a big hit with fans of the franchise thus far as Ash Ketchum and new hero Goh have been exploring older regions of the series, but we have not seen much in terms of major returns or cameos up until now. Korrina's return to the series will essentially break open the flood gates hopefully for more Gym Leader battles down the line.

Translated by @Arkeus88 on Twitter, the synopsis for Episode 25 of the series teases the big rematch between the two after their first confrontation during the X and Y anime series. It's all tied into Ash's current challenge to make his way to the top of the Pokemon World Championships by taking on all kinds of ranked trainers.

The synopsis for Episode 25, titled "A Battle Festival Exploding with Life! vs. Mega Lucario," breaks down Korrina's return to the anime as such, "[Ash] has decided to enter the Battle Festival, a battle tournament held in the Kalos region. Lots of Pokemon World Championships participants are attending this tournament, so it's a gold opportunity to increase one's rank! After successfully winning his way through several battles, [Ash] ends up having to fight [Korrina], a Gym Leader he's previously battled in the Kalos region, in the match where his progression to the Super Class is at stake. How is [Ash] planning on taking on [Korrina's] Mega Lucario?"

Pokemon Journeys Korrina Return Anime
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Not only is the return of Korrina exciting, but this will be another major tie-in to the rest of the anime's past. It's always assumed that the anime kind of reboots itself with each new journey, but Korrina recognizing Ash here will be another major shoutout to the anime's overall canon like some of the smaller shout outs in previous episodes. Not only that, but we'll be seeing Mega Evolution in action again!

Are you excited for this new battle between Ash Ketchum and Korrina? Which of Ash's Pokemon are you hoping to see go up against Mega Lucario? What are Ash Ketchum's chances of victory here? Does this mean other tie ins to X and Y's characters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!