New Pokemon Promo Seems to Show Goh's Own Pikachu

When it comes to Pokemon Journeys, the anime is trying to do things the franchise has never done before. It has kept that promise so far as Ash has reunited with old friends and started traveling the world at will. Now, it seems an upcoming episode wants to give Goh a new Pokemon, and it seems like the boy is about to get a lovely little Pikachu.

Over on Twitter, the user ilapaperx got the fandom buzzing when they shared a still photo from an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys. It was not long ago fans learned a future episode planned to follow Goh on an important mission. The boy thinks it is time he got his own Pikachu, and a new set of still photos shows Goh with such a creature.

As you can see below, the artwork shows Goh holding an adorable Pikachu, and their heart-shaped tail means the monster is a lady. The pair look happy as Goh holds Pikachu close to his face, but things turn south when the Electric-type gives him a shock. Goh is forced to hold Pikachu as the cutie electrocutes him, and Raboot is left stunned by the sudden turn.

The final still sees the pair on good terms as Goh and Pikachu enjoy a nice lunch. The monster is happy to be snacking with her new friend, and so long as Goh plays it cool, he might convince the Pikachu to join his roster moving forward. This would bring a second Pikachu to the gang as Ash is still very close with his Pikachu. So if you are looking for an overload of cuteness, Pokemon Journeys is ready for you!

Do you think Goh will convince this Pikachu to join his team? Or will the trainer have to find another Electric-type? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!