Viral Video Reveals a Young Trainer's Fated Starter Pokemon

Pokemon has been around for decades now, and it has eight generations to prove it. Each of the generations has built off the next, and they have their own starters pushing them forward. Of course, there are some starters fans love more than others, and one of Pokemon's youngest fans found their first favorite monster thanks to a viral video.

The clip appeared on Reddit where it has since gone viral. The adorable video shows a young girl in a toy aisle standing before an older man. The guy can be seen placing the three starters of generation one before the girl, and she is left to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.

After all, there is no coming back from this Pokemon decision. When you pick your starter, there is no restarting a la Pokemon Red and Blue. The young girl picks Squirtle as her Pokemon partner, so it seems she is destined to become a Water-type trainer like none other.

The first big decision of your life from r/MadeMeSmile

This cute video shows a version of what trainers must do in Pokemon before their adventure gets underway. The start of each game begins with the gamer meeting their region's professor and getting their hands on a starter. This is what Ash had to do in the anime when he decided to start his adventure. He ended up going with Pikachu because the rest of the starters were taken by then.


In this video, our young trainer has every option before her, and she picks her favorite very quickly. Misty would most certainly be proud, and after seeing this clip, you know there will be more videos like this popping up of future Pokemon fans!

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