New Pokemon Episode Plans to Buff Up Magikarp Big Time

Pokemon Journeys may be on a hiatus due to the pandemic, but it seems one of its next episodes is planning its Magikarp comeback. The poor monster is one of the most trolled in Pokemon's long history, and it is not hard to see why. And in the near future, the Water-type will be forced to flop around when Goh tries to enter his Magikarp in a contest.

Yes, that is right! It is time for another old-fashioned Magikarp High Jump Tournament. A recent synopsis for Pokemon Journeys let fans know the event is coming, and it says Goh will enter the contest with his very chunky Magikarp.

"Goh has entered a Magikarp High Jump Tournament, but he's highly unlikely to win because his Magikarp is so fat. He then decides to train Magikarp [by] referencing the bodybuilding videos made by Kasuking, the tournament's ultimate champion," the translated synopsis reads (via Arkeus88).

magikarp pokemon anime

Of course, fans are never going to turn down the chance to reunite with Magikarp. Some of the best Pokemon episodes have featured the floppy fish, and he has become a mascot for the franchise in his own right. Sure, he may do next to nothing with his Splash attack, but Magikarp at least tries. Goh will find that out for himself before long, and it will be a hoot to see him train the Pokemon. After all, it is about time Magikarp got some more respect, and Goh might be the one to give it to them!


For now, there is no word on when this next episode will debut, but Pokemon Journeys promises to come back strong with a killer episode line up. The anime will kick its hiatus to the curb with episodes featuring Mega Lucario and Dragonite to start before Sobble shows his face. By this June, Netflix will begin bringing these episodes to its users in the U.S., so we're crossing our fingers Pokemon Journeys is back on its feet by then!

Do you think a Magikarp would suit Goh? Or would he put himself above such a Pokemon? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!