Pokemon Journeys Promo Welcomes Back Ash's Alola Pokemon

Pokemon Journeys has been busy as of late given Ash and Goh's travels. The pair have been hopping all over the globe to do tasks for Sakuragai Labs, and they have run into some new faces along the way. Of course, Ash has found a couple of familiar friends while traveling, and a brand-new promo reveals which of his Pokemon he will reunite with shortly in Alola.

Earlier this week, fans were given an update from the Pokemon anime about a future episode. It was there fans learned Ash and Goh are headed for the Alola region in an upcoming episode. Of course, fans were eager to learn whether Ash would reunite with his Pokemon on this trip, and it turns out the boy will see quite a few of them!

You can see the Pokemon Journeys promo in the embed below. Fansites like Anipoke Hub found the blurry photo after it surfaced in a Japanese publication. It shows Goh standing tall while Kiwae lingers behind him with a Pokemon at hand. And if you look in the back, you can see Ash being hugged by a slew of his Alola friends.

Ash and Pikachu are being hugged like crazy by Lycanroc, Rowlet, and Incineroar. They are being bracketed by Melmetal who could pick them all up if he wants, and Ash probably wouldn't mind such a hug. After all, he hasn't seen these Pokemon in a while, and this group did help him win his first-ever Pokemon Championship in the Alola region.


This small teaser might not seem like much, but it reassures fans that Ash's journeys from the past are not being ignored. From his first journey through Kanto to Alola, everything Ash has done before meeting Goh has helped turn him into the stellar trainer he is today. And at long last, fans are going to watch Ash as he reunites with his former Pokemon who have surely missed him a lot.

What do you make of this Alola teaser? Which other Pokemon should Ash pay a visit to next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.