Pokemon Journeys Shows How Tough Riolu Really Is

Pokemon Journeys has recently done something we haven't seen much of in the latest season of the adventures of Ash Ketchum in giving our favorite trainer a big loss as he fought against the Galar Region trainer known as Bea, but in his loss, he was able to show the true strength of one of his most powerful pocket monsters in Riolu. With Riolu suffering a loss against Bea's Grapploct, the fighting type Pokemon definitely did its best when it came to adding another victory to the ever expanding career of Ash following his earning of the title of Alola League's Champion!

During the battle, Ash was hoping that Riolu would give him the victory, with Ketchum employing the blue Pokemon's ability of "reversal", a move that dishes back as much punishment as it gets. Unfortunately for the pair, Bea's Grapploct was well trained and was able to brush off the attack and ultimately pull out the win against Ash. Though the latest season has shown us Ash gathering some of the strongest Pokemon that he has ever collected during his career, this loss is definitely one that adds a new wrinkle to the latest season and we look forward to seeing how Ash and Goh are able to bounce back following this defeat.

Twitter User AniPokeHub shared the fight between Riolu and Grapploct, showing that even in defeat, Ash's Pokemon gave it his all and still came extremely close to grasping victory from the clutches against one of the most popular trainers introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield:

Throughout this season, Ash and his new friend Goh have been doing their best to not only capture the strongest pocket monsters, but to lead a path where they will claim victory against the current champion of the Galar region in Leon.


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