Pokemon Journeys' Preview Focuses on Ash/Cynthia Battle

The Masters 8 Tournament is now down to four trainers in Pokemon Journeys. With Ash Ketchum making it to the final four, he now must face down his fellow trainer Cynthia to advance to the final match of the tourney. With the battle between these two trainers right around the corner, Pokemon has shared a preview for the next episode of Journeys, giving us a hint as to how this legendary battle will take place.    

One of the biggest strengths of Pokemon Journeys has been its ability to introduce new and old trainers to the anime series, with Cynthia having a history with Ash in previous episodes and now returning for what she is considering to be her final battle as a Pokemon trainer. With Ash winning the Alola Tournament during the events of Pokemon: Sun And Moon, this might be the perfect season to bid a fond farewell to the protagonist that has been leading the series for decades over the course of over one thousand episodes. Should Ash manage to defeat Cynthia, he will have the opportunity to be in the final battle of the tournament and have a very real chance of becoming the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world, achieving his dream at an exceptionally young age.

The Official Twitter Account for Pokemon's anime released a new minute-long preview for the next episode of Pokemon Journeys, giving anime viewers the opportunity to see the battle that will have Ash fighting against Cynthia and coming closer than ever before to become the greatest trainer in the world:

Pokemon Journeys has run for one hundred-plus episodes and it certainly seems as though the Masters 8 Tournament will bring the latest season to a close. With Pokemon: Scarlet and Pokemon: Violet coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, we're sure to get a new season of the anime which will explore the new regions and pocket monsters introduced in the upcoming video games.

Do you think Ash's time is coming to an end in Pokemon's anime? Who do you think will be the ultimate victor when it comes to the Masters 8 Tournament? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon.