New Pokemon Poster All But Confirms Sobble's Trainer

The newest episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series ended with a major cliffhanger that introduced the fan favorite Starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield, Sobble, and now a new poster all but confirms who the trainer of this newbie will be. After the Starter Pokemon was seen in the newest episode, fans had been debating over whether or not Ash Ketchum or new hero Goh would be the trainer to the new addition. But while many were expecting Sobble to join Ash given Goh already has Raboot, a new poster teases this will not be the case.

In a new poster found in the next issue of Animedia magazine in Japan, there are a couple of large up close shots of Ash Ketchum and his team of Pikachu and Riolu. But as for Goh, he's instead seen with Raboot and Sobble. Although it will most likely be confirmed with the next episode of the anime, this poster all but confirms Sobble will be joining Goh this season!

The preview for Episode 28 of the series seems to be leaning this way too with a number of scenes between Sobble and Goh as they bond while trying to free Sobble from the clutches of Team Rocket. It ends with a shot of Goh reaching out to a crying Sobble, and this might be the point where the two of them bond and decide to journey together! But what do you think?

Do you think this promotional poster cements Goh as Sobble's trainer in Pokemon Journeys: The Series? Did you expect Goh to end up with Sobble, or did you think Ash Ketchum was going to get the new Starter? How soon do you think Sobble will evolve into its later forms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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