Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Teases an Ash vs. Leon Twist

Ash Ketchum has been the Pokemon anime's protagonist for decades, with the latest season seeing both himself and his trusty Pikachu working their way to the top in becoming combatants in the Masters 8 Tournament. With the final battle between Ash and Leon set to take place over the course of four episodes, a new synopsis reveals how the battle will begin while also revealing that while there will be flashbacks that highlight Ketchum's past, the fight will not be interrupted.            

The official description for Pokemon Journeys' 129th episode, which will begin the final battle of the Masters 8 Tournament between Ash and Leon, reads as such:

"The Masters 8 Tournament Finals are finally starting. Getting an official match against Leon has been Ash's goal this entire time, so he's really enthused about this. The audience is also as fired up as it's ever been for this match between Leon, the incomparable reigning champ, and Ash, the competitor who has reached the finals against all odds! And then Leon makes a proposal... With Ash's former companions and rivals watching, the showdown at the summit commences!"

Pokemon Journeys was hinting that this final battle would also dive into Ash's long career, leading many fans to understandably think that not only will Ketchum pull off a victory, but that this might be a way for the anime protagonist to pass the torch onto a new trainer. With this fall seeing the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch, which will introduce a new region along with several new pocket monsters, there seems to be a strong possibility that a new protagonist might be exploring the area in the anime while having Ash at long last achieve his dream.

Obviously, a major contender for the new protagonist would be Goh, the trainer that joined Ash this season and is looking to become a major name in the Pokemon world while also trying to learn more about the legendary ancient Pokemon known as Mew. With this season bringing back old friends and enemies alike, Journeys definitely might be a swan song for Ketchum. 

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Via Anipoke Fandom