Pokemon Journeys: The Series Brings Its Manga to an End

Pokemon Journeys has been one of the biggest anime season of the franchise to date, following Ash Ketchum after he wins his first Pokemon League tournament and giving him an interesting new partner in Goh. With the series continuing to see the two young trainers expand their rosters as they move closer to once again battling the trainers of the Galar Region, including the head of the crop in Galar's champion Leon, but it seems as though the manga that coincided with the television series is set to come to a close later this fall.

While it has yet to be mentioned, there is the possibility that the manga will continue but with a new name, similar to how Netflix had shifted from the original title of Pokemon Journeys to Pokemon Master Journeys as both Ash and Goh continued their quests to be the best. Though the trainers of Galar remain the major obstacle, Goh has added an interesting wrinkle into their journey as the young trainer is also looking to learn more about the mythological Pokemon known as Mew, whom he has encountered in the first episode of the anime. Needless to say, if Goh is actually able to capture the all-powerful pocket monster, he would be in the running for the greatest trainer the world has ever seen.

(Photo: Coro Coro)

If you're unfamiliar with the manga adaptation of Pokemon Journeys, Viz Media offered the official description to let pocket monster fans know more about the printed stories of Ash and Goh:

"Ash is back in awesome adventures that take place across multiple regions of the best-selling Pokémon video games! When Ash and Pikachu hitch a ride aboard the Legendary Pokémon Lugia, they discover another kid is also on board! Meet Goh, who wants to catch every Pokémon ever—including Mew! Can Ash and Goh make their lofty dreams come true?"

Pokemon Journeys' manga first began in December 2019, and while this chapter might be coming to a close, we wouldn't be surprised if the story of Ash and Goh continues with a new series that will be printed via its manga.

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