Pokemon Pulls Deepcut with New Dinnerware Set

The world of Pokemon has been spanning both anime and video games for decades, with the origin of the series being tied to Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue that were released on the Nintendo Gameboy in 1998. While the anime franchise is certainly no stranger to the world of merchandise, with Pokemon remaining one of the most profitable anime franchises in the world today, a recent dinner set has created what might be the deepest cut for pocket monster merchandise to date by referencing the early days of the franchise and the gyms that players would have to overcome.

Throughout all takes on the universe of Pokemon, Gyms have been the biggest hurdle that trainers have needed to overcome in order to prove themselves worthy of being the best in their world. With each region having its own unique gyms and trainers that are linked to said locales, Ash Ketchum has found himself staring down countless battles across over one thousand episodes of the anime to date, and the latest season of Pokemon Journeys proves that he won't be stopping any time soon. With this dinner set harkening back to the early days of the video game series and replicating statues from the Pokemon gyms, it's clear that Pokemon merch isn't afraid to dive into the series past in ways that fans didn't expect.

Twitter Outlet Pokejungle shared the first look at the upcoming salt and pepper shakers that will be produced by Premium Bandai, with the set retailing for around $45 USD and planning to release in February of next year, with pre-orders beginning on October 4th for those who want to add some Pokemon to their dinner tables:

In the latest adventures of Pokemon Journeys, Ash and Goh haven't been spending as much time diving into gyms but rather capturing strong Pokemon in order to prepare for defeating the trainers of the Galar Region along with the champion of Galar, Leon. Though Ash's quest to become one of the very best has been a long one, the eternally young trainer hasn't become a gym leader himself, instead focusing on traveling the world and making new friends, both human and Pokemon alike.


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