Pokemon: The Series to Debut Fan-Favorite Galar Trainers Soon

The Galar Region has given Ash and Go some big challenges that they had never encountered before [...]

The Galar Region has given Ash and Go some big challenges that they had never encountered before such as Gigantamax Pokemon and Wild Areas, and now familiar faces from the Nintendo Switch video game of Pokemon: Sword And Shield are looking to make their first anime appearances! With a newly released trailer, we weren't just given a look into the return of the champion of Galar, Leon, but also given our first look at some big new trainers that will perhaps be squaring off against our two favorite Pokemon protagonists in a fight to test their strength!

Both Ash and Go have already learned a lot about the Galar Region during the first episodes of the new season of Pokemon: The Series, with the two trainers having even managed to capture pocket monsters from the new environment! With Leon being the next big challenge for Ash Ketchum to take down, it's clear that Galar is having the biggest effect of all the lands in the series to date. Though the main series has covered a bit of the region, the spin-off series of Pokemon: Twilight Wings has taken a specific look into the land that made Leon and his brother Hop a part of the franchise!

Pokemon shared the new trailer via their Official Twitter Account, teasing at many new events and characters to come in the journey of Ash and Go as they travel the world in order to become better trainers and catch stronger pocket monsters to add to their ever growing rosters:

Pokemon fans saw Ash do the impossible during the last season, with Ketchum finally achieving a victory in a Pokemon League Tournament, winning the Alola League with the help of his trusty Pikachu and crew of monsters. It will be interesting to see if Ash is able to score another win against the likes of Leon and the other trainers present in the Galar region as the anime continues!

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