Primal Creator Genndy Tartakosky Updates Fans on Season 2 Progress

Primal creator Genndy Tartakovsky has shared a new update on how Season 2 is shaping up! The first season of the Adult Swim animated series made its debut over two five episode chunks spread across 2019 and 2020. With the final five episodes of the season airing late last Fall, Adult Swim quickly confirmed that the series would be continuing with a second season. A release date for this second season has yet to be set as of this writing, but the newest update from the creator shows that the episodes are pretty far along thus far. 

Tartakovsky celebrated the new season's latest milestone by sharing an update on Primal's behind-the-scenes progress with fans on Instagram. Revealing that the season's final storyboard for the final episode has been completed, and the season is halfway done, Tartakovsky states, "Well, just finished the last storyboard panel of the last episode of season 2 of Primal! It will be something to see. We're half way done and the episodes are turning out great! Everyone is doing some incredible work, I'm a lucky guy!" Check out the update below: 

Primal getting picked up for a second season makes a ton of sense considering the Adult Swim animated series recently nabbed an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program over other series such as Bob's Burgers, South Park, and The Simpsons. The series has received accolades for many other awards programs as well, and that's a considerable achievement considering that the series only has ten episodes under its belt. That makes the wait for Season 2 that much harder, but it's definitely moving along. 

Tartakovsky has also previously revealed that production for Primal is also coinciding with the production for another of his original series, Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, noting, "If you analyze it from the outside, I have two of my own original creations. They're both completely different. I'm supervising both of them. I'm boarding 70 percent of both of them. I don't know how I'm doing it. I'm completely underwater right now. But then little by little, I get it done."

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