Primal Creator Shares Production Update on Season 2

When it comes to animation, few people can match Genndy Tartakovsky. The creator has worked on plenty of big-time titles from Star Wars to Samurai Jack and more. These days, the creator is known best for his work on Primal, and Tartakovsky just gave fans an update on the show's new season.

Recently, SyFy Wire spoke with Tartakovsky about all things Primal. It was there the artist told the site that Primal is well into production, and he is being kept busy as another one of his shows is being animated as well.

"Primal and Unicorn are equally there. They ended up, somehow, in the same time frame for production. Right now, I'm boarding the last episode of Primal and I'm boarding the last episode of Unicorn," Tartakovsky shared.

Continuing, the artist said he's incredibly busy with work right now. Tartakovsky confirmed he's doing the majority of storyboards for Primal and Unicorn: Warriors Eternal. That is enough to keep anyone busy, and it is worse for Tartakovsky who holds himself to high standards.

"How did I get into this? Unicorn was a show that I came up with over 15 years ago so getting to make it is incredible. But they're right on top of each other. It's a nightmare and at the same time, it is so creatively satisfying," the artist said.

"If you analyze it from the outside, I have two of my own original creations. They're both completely different. I'm supervising both of them. I'm boarding 70 percent of both of them. I don't know how I'm doing it. I'm completely underwater right now. But then little by little, I get it done."

At this point, there is no hard release date for Primal season two, but it should go live before too long. The series is expected to return in 2021, so Adult Swim has a few months left to meet that deadline.


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