Rent-a-Girlfriend Reveals Season 2 Episode Count

Rent-a-Girlfriend is now back up and running with Season 2 of the series, and now it has revealed how many episodes the new season will be sticking around for. The anime adaptation taking Reiji Miyajima's original manga series is the first of the major franchises returning in a packed Summer 2022 anime schedule full of these huge returns. The romantic comedy series has quite a lot more competition this time around compared to the bare schedule the first season debuted with two years ago, but the second season's first episode is already teasing some new twists to Kazuya's life. 

With Rent-a-Girlfriend now making its way through the second season this Summer, it has also been listed for 12 episodes according to a new report from @SugoiLITE on Twitter. It has yet to be confirmed by the Blu-ray listings for the new season just yet, but a 12 episode run would make sense given that the first season only ran for a single cour as well. That also means that fans are now one week into the new episodes, and thus it's starting to wind down even more so as the Summer continues. 

(Photo: TMS Entertainment)

Thankfully there's a lot to look forward to already, and if you wanted to not only catch up with the first season and check out the new episodes, Rent-a-Girlfriend is now streaming Season 2 with Crunchyroll. They tease the new season as such, "A hopeless college student, Kinoshita Kazuya, meets a graceful rental girlfriend, Mizuhara Chizuru, and ends up introducing her as his girlfriend to his family and friends. Time goes on with Kazuya unable to tell the truth, as he's surrounded by devilish ex-girlfriend Nanami Mami, who keeps coming back to tempt him for some reason, hyper-aggressive provisional girlfriend Sarashina Ruka, who doesn't know how to take no for an answer, and super shy but diligent and hardworking younger rental girlfriend, Sakurasawa Sumi… beautiful girlfriends of all types! 


The pub, the beach, hot springs, Christmas, and New Year's… Having gone through these challenging events, Kazuya's feelings for Chizuru keep growing stronger. But she reveals a shocking truth that threatens to shake their 'relationship' to the very core!" What do you think of this number of episodes for the second season? What are you hoping to see in Rent-a-Girlfriend this Summer? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!