Re:Zero Sees Emilia Make Her Best Declaration Yet

Re:Zero saw Emilia make her best declaration yet with the newest episode of the series! The second half of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-'s second season has seemed to fare much better for Subaru and Emilia than the first half as Subaru has formed a definitive game plan. Going through so much failure in the trials and seeing how Emilia had broken apart through some of her previous attempts, Subaru knew what kind of pressures Emilia had been under especially after going through Echidna's trial himself. After giving her a major pep talk, Emilia came to her own conclusions.

Thanks to Subaru's help and her own trouble with the trials, the two of them had grown closer than ever. It even went as far as the two confirming a sense of romantic feelings for one another, and thus Emilia decided to take on her trial once more. But this time, Emilia declares that she won't be defeated by Echidna's tricks any more as she's truly prepared to face her past.

Episode 41 of Re:Zero's second season continues one of Subaru's best loops in the season yet as Subaru settled things with Garfiel after Garfiel had interfered with all of the previous attempts. Seeing all of this and settling her feelings about the kiss with Subaru, Emilia is ready to take on the trial once more with a renewed sense of self. It turns out this is exactly what she needed for the fight against Echidna.

When Echidna tries to berate her at the start of the trial, Emilia outright declares that she has accepted even the most terrible parts of her past that she's begun to remember in recent episodes. Pointing her finger to the sky (much like Subaru did once in the first season of the series), Emilia declares that she is indeed a witch and will not let herself be defeated by Echidna with the upcoming dive into her past with the trial.

Given that this is Subaru's best loop yet, there's a good chance Emilia will make it through this trial as well. She even revealed she wants to talk with Subaru more about the kiss the two of them had, and fans will see if this declaration holds up in the coming episodes. What did you think of this more confident side of Emilia in Re:Zero's newest episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!