Rick And Morty Cosplay Hits The Seas With Mr. Nimbus

Rick And Morty's fifth season took the opportunity to poke fun at some major characters and themes from the world of pop culture, with the Smith family encountering the likes of demons akin to the Cenobites from the Hellraiser films and running into giant robots that they piloted akin to the lions of Voltron. Now, one cosplayer has taken the opportunity to revisit the nemesis of Rick, Mr. Nimbus, who held more than a few things in common with Marvel's Submariner, the king of Atlantis who has yet to make his introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mr. Nimbus was quite the colorful character in the long line of insane figures that appeared throughout the five seasons of the Adult Swim series, having a deep history with Rick Sanchez that saw them as bitter rivals with one another. With the faux-Namor apparently having control of the police as well as the oceans, Rick had to walk on a tight rope in order to satiate the sea king's wants, with Morty attempting to find some extraterrestrial wine in order to spark a relationship with his crush Jessica. With Mr. Nimbus surviving the events of the episode, the king of Atlantis will most likely return to the world of the Smith family down the line.

Instagram Cosplayer Yellow Cake Creations shared this insanely accurate take on Rick And Morty's Mr. Nimbus, who is the spitting image of Marvel's Submariner not just in his aesthetic, but in his overall arrogance when it came to the surface world and those that he felt were beneath him: 

The finale of Rick And Morty's fifth season didn't see Mr. Nimbus return, but it did shock many not just with the return of Evil Morty, but by diving deep into the past of Rick Sanchez, revealing how the Citadel came to be and the events that led to the path that Rick currently finds himself on. Rick And Morty has never been shy about diving into some truly emotional moments, and this grand finale was no different as the grandfather and grandson of the Smith family came to understand how important they were to one another. 

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