Rick And Morty Soars To The Stars With Space Beth

Rick And Morty's fourth season ended with a big revelation that the Smith Family currently had two different Beths existing in the universe, one of which just so happened to be a space warrior that was living far more in her father's footsteps than her double, who remained in the matriarchal role. Though the identity of the "Real Beth" hasn't been revealed, and most likely never will be, Space Beth has become a popular character in the lore of the Adult Swim series, with one fan recreating the galaxy faring brawler using some spot-on Cosplay.

While Season Five has already released two episodes, Adult Swim fans had the opportunity to see Space Beth once again for a few moments during the latest installment, in which the Smith Family returned from outer space following the Decoy War that was taking place on Earth. While Rick cloned his daughter to help her live a life free from her family obligations, the mad scientist also created a family of "decoys" that were meant to draw attacks from extraterrestrial threats to his clan. What Rick didn't expect was that the decoys he created made decoys of their own, and so on and so forth, creating dozens if not hundreds of different Smith families all fighting one another in an attempt to become the real Smiths.

Twitter User Armored Heart Cosplay shared this spot-on take on the intergalactic Beth Smith who had a major role in the fourth season of Rick And Morty and will most likely return down the line in the popular Adult Swim series, which is already working on its Seventh Season as we speak:

The next episode of Rick And Morty is set to explore a variation of the elemental hero known as Captain Planet, with other pop culture references to Hellraiser and Voltron on the way as well. Regardless of whether Space Beth returns to the fifth season, it's clear that the Cartoon Network series is pulling out all the stops.


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