Rick and Morty Co-Creator Breaks Down How Rick Sees His Grandchildren Now (Exclusive)

Rick And Morty's sixth season has seen Rick Sanchez relying on his family quite a bit, with certain episodes seeing Morty and Summer lending their grandfather a hand in adventures taking place in the multiverse. Recently, Comicbook.com's Nick Valdez had the opportunity to talk with co-creator Justin Roiland, who also voices Morty, and pick his brain when it comes to how the mad scientist sees his grandchildren after the adventures they've shared through six seasons of the animated series.   

Summer and Morty have played an important role in this latest Adult Swim season, specifically during installments including "Rick: A Mort Well Lived", "Night Family", "Final DeSmithation", and "Solaricks" to name a few. In the season six premiere, it was once again emphasized that the Morty of the current universe originated from the "Cronenberg Universe" which had fallen before a genetic experiment gone awry. With both Rick and Jerry also hailing from different universes, Summer remains a member of the Smith's who is a part of the new universe that the men of the Smith Family call home. 

Rick And Morty And Summer

Roiland, who co-created the series and voices Morty along with countless other characters in the Adult Swim juggernaut, explained how Rick Sanchez now sees his grandchildren a little differently in this latest season thanks to the adventures they've taken part in throughout the series: 

"Summer's always been a character who doesn't put up with Rick's sh-t and is willing to call him out and isn't really afraid of him. That's always been the case. I think it's interesting to see how their relationship has developed in a... She's just a more reliable, she can get [things] taken care of for Rick. He can trust her to handle sh-t. Whereas I think Morty, it's like he probably wouldn't trust with a hundred percent certainty to take care of something."

It will be interesting to see if Summer continues standing up to Rick throughout the rest of this season and if their relationship changes in any way as more surreal adventures come their way.

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