Rick And Morty Day Website Lets Fans "Rick Themselves"

Rick And Morty's fifth season is set to start this Sunday, bringing fans back to the world of the [...]

Rick And Morty's fifth season is set to start this Sunday, bringing fans back to the world of the Smith Family, and to celebrate, Adult Swim isn't just celebrating "Rick And Morty Day", but has also created a website that allows fans to "Rick Themselves". With season five looking to take a shot at numerous pop culture properties like Marvel, Anime, and horror movies, it's clear that Cartoon Network is hyping up the release with all its guns blazing as the show remains one of Adult Swim's most popular television programs to date.

Rick Sanchez has lived an insane life, dragging his grandson into a number of adventures that not only nearly got them both killed, but also broke the rules of space and time on a number of different occasions. Luckily, Cartoon Network hasn't been shy about pushing the series to new heights when it comes to marketing promotions, as the dynamic duo recently was given new sodas to drink in participating Wendy's restaurants. Rick And Morty hasn't been shy about also creating ingenious commercials for other products, as the cartoon figures have helped push the likes of Playstation 5 and even Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding in some wild advertisements.

Rick And Morty shared the brand new website that allows Adult Swim fans to create versions of themselves within the surreal universe, with the popular series using the likes of Eric Andre and Nas X to prove that the site is able to take anyone and imagine what they'd look like as members of the world that made the Smith family famous:

Rick And Morty has become such a success for Cartoon Network that the series has already been confirmed for more series and multiple new episodes, giving creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland plenty to do in the future when it comes to the bizarre universe that has given us more than a few belly laughs throughout its history. With the fifth season giving us our first look at the premiere episode, it's clear that the franchise has a bright future ahead of it.

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