Rick and Morty Reveals ROY Game Blips and Chitz Easter Eggs

Rick and Morty revealed some Blips and Chitz Easter eggs on social media this weekend. The show's Twitter account showcased ROY, Thwack, and Game Hunt. Blips and Chitz has only popped up a handful of time in the series' run. It feels like a location that will get visited at least a few more times before things wrap up down the line. ROY: A Life Well Lived is one of the most beloved narrative devices in the show's history. An alternate reality game where people put on a headset and are tasked with living as long as possible as the protagonist. A mixture of absurdist realism and trademark Rick and Morty nonsense, it's been an amazing thing to watch explored in Season 6 too. Now, there's a fun bit of production design that fans can obsess over. Check out those advertisements down below.

On the social media post, the poster for Game Hunt reads: "This. Is. Game Hunt. Are you hunting the game or is the game hunting you? We're not really sure. What is sure is that this is the most immersive game hunting experience there is. In game hunt, it's your turn to be the big game hunter hunting the big game, or maybe it's the game's turn to hunt you.; it could go either way. But be careful, because this game is no game. This. Is. Game Hunt."

But, that wasn't the only sly inclusion for the Rick and Morty team. The Thwack cabinet is also a machine that fans had some questions about earlier in the run. Now, there's some more information (and innuendo_ for the community to mull over.

"Are you feeling mega aggro? Do you have pent-up feelings of rage with no outlet aside from your fists? Have you tried THWACKING IT? Something is definitely wrong with you, but no matter what that is, thwacking it will make you feel a little better," they joked. "So the next time you feel like smashing someone in the face, just thwack it! Available exclusively at Blips and Chitz."

Comicbook.com's Nick Valdez spoke to showrunner Scott Marder about why this season has been so good for the fans. "I got to come onto it in season four as big a fan as anybody else. So I feel like I'm always thinking of what I want as a fan in my perfect season of this show," Marder said when asked about this current crop of episodes. "And I'd say season six is the best front to back version of what I, as a creator/fan of this show would want in this show, which is a little bit of canon, a little bit of just light arcs, funny one offs, just a little bit of it all because I think this show's got such depth. It's so cool that it can do all these different things."

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