Rick and Morty Co-Creator and Star Justin Roiland Facing Felony Domestic Battery Charges

Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland is facing legal troubles as a California court has charged him with felony domestic violence. The report, as shared by NBC News, reveals the case dates back to May 2020 after a criminal complaint was filed against the actor. Roiland appeared in court earlier today for a pre-trial hearing.

According to current reports, Roiland was handed a criminal complaint in 2023 for a felony count of domestic battery with corporal injury and another felony count for false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, and/or deceit. NBC News says Roiland pleaded not guilty in 2020, and his team did not respond for comment when approached.

At this time, the alleged victim's identity remains anonymous. The Jane Doe is said to have been dating Roiland at the time of the incident, and they have since filed for a protective order. Roiland has been ordered to remain 100 feet from the alleged victim and refrain from contacting them in any way. This order lasts through October 2023 at present.

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Currently, few details are known about the case as much of its evidence is being withheld ahead of Roiland's trial. However, Orange County Superior Court records do show Roiland pleaded not guilty to both felony charges in 2020. This came after the co-creator was arrested in August 2020 and arraigned two months later.

For those not familiar with Roiland, you should know the creator helped bring Rick and Morty to life with Dan Harmon. The creator is known best for voicing both Rick Sanchez and Morty in the hit comedy. At this time, Adult Swim has not commented on the ongoing legal case. The program recently finished airing Rick and Morty's sixth season which was met with praise from fans. Currently, work is being done on season seven as Cartoon Network ordered a bulk of episodes in May 2018.