Rick And Morty Season 4 Trailer Has a Surprising Joker Easter Egg

After a brief winter hiatus, Rick and Morty is finally ready to make its triumphant return to Adult Swim on May 3rd. The first five episodes of Season 4 aired on the network late last year, though the second wave of episodes didn't have a firm date until Adult Swim surprise dropped a trailer for "The Next Five" late Monday night. There were plenty of great jokes and pop culture references packed into the new promo, including a moment that seems like it's referencing DC's most iconic super villain, the Joker.

If all of the footage from the new Rick and Morty trailer is indeed real and from the upcoming batch of episodes (it is April Fools' Day, after all), then it appears one of the episodes has some ties to Gotham City and the Joker's classic origin. At one point early on in the trailer, Rick gets out of his ship and tells Morty, "And if anything goes wrong, which it won't, jump into the same vat of acid I jump into."

As you probably know, the most popular origin story for the Joker revolves around the villain falling into a vat of acid, causing him to go insane and his skin to turn pale white. Ace Chemicals, where the event took place, has always been depicted as existing in one of the dirtier part of Gotham City, blowing green smoke out of its roof beside other rundown factories. If you look at the area surrounding Rick's ship when he speaks the line about the acid, it looks a lot like that same part of Gotham.

Things are taken even further later in the trailer when Rick and Morty are shown diving off of a catwalk and down into a vat of green acid, just like Joker.

All that to say, characters like Joker and Batman probably won't appear on-screen in a new episode Rick and Morty, but there's a great chance a storyline will mimic and/or make fun of the classic comic adversaries.


New episodes of Rick and Morty will return on May 3rd.