Rick and Morty: Will Season 6 Bring Back Mr. Nimbus?

Rick and Morty is getting ready to come back to Adult Swim with the final episodes of Season 6, and the trailer for the series' big comeback just might have dropped a major hint that Mr. Nimbus will be coming back to the series too! The fifth season kicked off with a huge new introduction to the series with Mr. Nimbus, who proclaimed that he was Rick's rival. The episode then made such an impact that there has been a question over whether the character would return, and Season 6 presents the best opportunity to potentially do just that. 

With Season 6 of Rick and Morty paying more attention to the ongoing continuity of the series than ever before in its first few episodes, there's a chance that the final episodes could do just the same. The newest trailer for the final episodes of the season reveal a lot of the wacky adventures Rick and Morty will be getting into, and there's one location and sea focused enemy that could be hinting that Mr. Nimbus will be playing a role in the new season somehow too. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Is Mr. Nimbus Coming to Rick and Morty Season 6? 

Rick and Morty's trailer for Season 6's final episodes reveals a brief scene where Morty is at a coral filled location type base where he is firing an artillery gun full of sea shells at a coming army of octopi. Given that Mr. Nimbus was the reason that Rick had avoided the seas in the first five seasons, the fact that they have gone to a sea faring location teases that Mr. Nimbus will be involved in whatever episode this turns out to be, Maybe he goes as far as asking Rick for help against an enemy army. 

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It's far from any kind of concrete tease over Mr. Nimbus' turn, unfortunately, as the series is known to twist fans' expectations at every turn. But on the other hand, with a season that has been as well received as this one, and with characters like Dr. Wong also confirmed for a return in the final episodes, Mr. Nimbus' comeback will be a great way to end the season out on a high note. 

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