Rick and Morty Star Would Love to See More Villainous Summer Episodes (Exclusive)

Rick and Morty Season 6 introduced some major new players to the series, and the star behind Summer Smith had such a great time playing a villain that they hope Summer takes over the world again! The sixth season of the series shook things up quite a bit when Rick was forced to spend time with the rest of his family due to his broken portal gun, and it opened up all sorts of fun opportunities for the rest of the family. One of the characters that has shined in particular as a result of this has been Summer, who has had some major starring roles in the episodes thus far.

With Summer revealing that she was not only fully capable of becoming a full villain in Season 6's "Night Family," Night Summer also revealed she's got a lot of hidden resentment towards Rick too. Speaking with ComicBook.com ahead of Rick and Morty's return for Season 6's final episodes, the voice behind Summer, Spencer Grammer, opened up about getting to play a villainous role with Night Summer and revealed that she'd love to do it again. 

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Could Night Summer Return in Rick and Morty? 

When asked if she would be willing to play out Summer's villainous turn again, Grammer stated, "A hundred percent would love to do more villainous Summer. love doing villainy things...I love that stuff." When it came to actually playing out that villainous voice for Night Summer, Grammer had fun with it to the point where she would love to be able to do it again, "It was really fun and challenging to create that other voice in a way and I would really enjoy doing it again."

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Reflecting on Summer's changes in the sixth season, Grammer noted "What's lovely about these characters is they live within this family dynamic, and there's always different facets of them that we can find. It's been really enthralling and riveting to experience the transition of a character who started off pretty two-dimensionally and have it grow and change into a very three-dimensional character with a lot of different story and levels and facets to her."

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