Rick and Morty Sets Up Summer's Main Villain Turn

Rick and Morty has planted some very curious seeds for Summer's potential big villain turn in Season 6's newest episode! The sixth season of the series has been exploring each of the characters in a new way as with Rick resetting the status quo at the start of it, and it's led to some eye opening looks into new aspects of their personalities. Summer has always been a unique member of the Smith Family as while Rick purposefully crafts Morty, Summer just kind of exists in sporadic universes as something that Rick doesn't really account for or used to care about. 

It wasn't until later seasons that Rick not only started to involve Summer more, but it has recently become more apparent that he has an inherent trust in her. Surprisingly, however, Summer (or a version of her, anyway) could end up being a major villain. With the "Night Family" episode in Season 6 exploring a version of the characters' deeper thoughts, it was revealed that Summer could easily take on the rest of her family. Even going as far outsmarting Rick and making him subservient to her. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

"Night Family" saw Rick using a "Somnambulator" to task the Smith Family's bodies with things they didn't want to do in the daytime. The "night" versions of the family did things like wash the dishes, learn Spanish, and do crunches so Rick and Morty could have defined abdominal muscles. But Summer's night version grew tired of this, and took over the family until Rick rinsed his dishes and made things easier for them. When that wasn't enough, she actually got him to lower his guard during the daytime and took over the family permanently. 

It's not only revealing that deep down Summer has a grudge against Rick (as Night Summer explains that she's always been deep inside Summer), but it could be something we see develop further. With the likes of Rick Prime out there, there could be a version of Summer that's her "prime" as well. We've seen how cunning Summer can be (like on the Glorzo planet), how much Rick intrinsically trust her, and how few Summers there are, and the villainous one could be waiting to show up and take over. 

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