Rick and Morty Showrunner Discusses Fan Requests in Season 6 (Exclusive)

Rick And Morty's cast and creators recently chatted with us here at Comicbook.com when it came to various aspects of the latest season. Showrunner Scott Marder might be unique in that he hasn't been a part of the Adult Swim series from the start, but has risen to become a major part of the animated show. Now, in a recent interview with our own Nick Valdez, Scott broke down how the creators handle fan requests from the active community.             

One of the major big elements that was introduced this season was the arrival of Rick Prime, the Sanchez that decided to forego his family ties and instead throw everything behind exploring the universe and helping to create a Council of Ricks. While this antagonist hasn't been seen since the season premiere, the showrunner and the co-creator have hinted that he'll be making a comeback in the future. With the series already confirmed to have at least two more seasons following the Smiths, there is time for the nefarious Rick to crash the show once again.

Rick And Fans

Our own Nick Valdez had the opportunity to chat with showrunner Scott Marder on how the series handles fan requests and how, being a fan originally himself, he sees forming stories with that fact in mind: 

"I mean, I was a fan of this show. I got to come onto it in season four as big a fan as anybody else. So I feel like I'm always thinking of what I want as a fan in my perfect season of this show. And I'd say season six is the best front-to-back version of what I, as a creator/fan of this show would want in this show, which is a little bit of canon, a little bit of just light arcs, funny one-offs, just a little bit of it all because I think this show's got such depth. It's so cool that it can do all these different things. So all of it's intentional."


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