'Wonder Woman' Writer Teases Hollywood's 'Robotech' Adaptation

You might not have realized it, but Hollywood has more live-action adaptations in the works than you thought. Titles like Akira have been floating around for years, and Robotech has as well. However, it looks like the latter sci-fi series is finally making headway with its development.

After all, Jason Fuchs is very ready to share his work on the live-action project.

Recently, the screenwriter of Wonder Woman went to WonderCon in California and met up with Andy Muschetti. The director, who is best-known for his work on It, signed on to oversee Robotech after James Wan left the project last July. Still, fans were a bit surprised when Fuchs teased his work on the anime adaptation on social media.

Taking to Instagram, the writer posted a screenshot of an interview he did with Muschetti at WonderCon. "I can't explain why I'm wearing ALL Robotech gear in this pic and Andy Muschetti is dressed like a normal human," Fuchs wrote, "but clearly I'm excited."

The post, which can be seen above, gives fans an update on the live-action Robotech film. It explains that Muschetti is currently directing the sequel to It as the project gets underway in Toronto. As for Fuchs, the writer is penning the screenplay for Robotech right now. While Muschetti works on It's follow-up, Sony and Harmony Gold are doing behind-the-scenes work to develop the movie so it is ready to go once the director wraps his latest project.


For those of you unfamiliar with Robotech, you should know it is another staple mecha series from Japan. The sci-fi franchise was created after three unrelated anime series were combined to create a single 85-episode adaptation. The series is set in the future after an alien ship crashes in the South Pacific. Technology is derived from the spacecraft, leading to the field of Robotechnology. Pilots used the advanced tech to create powerful mecha, and Robotech followed Earth's forces as they pushed back three massive alien invasions. The combined series was one of the first attempts the US made to import anime with all its complexity attached, and it paved the way for other series like Mobile Suit Gundam to be imported.

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