Naruto Creator Comments on the Debut of New Series, Samurai 8

Naruto is one of those anime series fans aren't able to overlook. The shone series debuted back in 1999 to respectable fame before Naruto shot into international fame long before its 2014 finale. Now, the series' creator is ready to step out with his next title, and Masashi Kishimoto has released a comment to usher in Samurai 8.

For those unaware, Kishimoto has been on a break since Naruto ended several years back. Despite overseeing work on Boruto, the artist began planning his next manga known as Samurai 8, and the manga's first chapter has gone live. Kishimoto prefaced the debut at a press conference this year, and Anime News Network has passed on his notes.

"I may have felt like I poured everything into Naruto, but in my heart I knew it wasn't perfect, and that thought tugged at me. Around the time I ended Naruto, I felt like the way to draw manga had finally clicked in me, so I wanted to channel that into my next work," Kishimoto said.

Continuing, the artist said Samurai 8 fulfills a wish he's had for years to do a samurai story as his first-ever pitch got shut down long ago.

"I love science-fiction and samurai, so I want to draw manga about those themes," Kishimoto said before adding later, "This manga is kind of a revenge for that [earlier rejection]."

With its first chapter out now, Samurai 8 has received rave reviews from returning fans and newcomers alike. Kishimoto also wants fans of his to know he plans to outdo himself with this series by fixing all the imperfections he found in his work during Naruto.

"I know it's a contradiction for me to say 'I want to draw the perfect manga' only for it to have the theme 'it's okay to be imperfect,' but it was Naruto's imperfections that motivated me to draw my next manga, and when this one ends, the imperfections will inspire me to draw the next one after that."

So, have you checked out the first chapter of Samurai 8 yet? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Want to know more about Samurai 8? You can read up on the new series' official synopsis here: "The galaxy is headed towards the end of its existence: It can't withstand any longer than for another century. A Samurai was given the mission to try and save all of the scattered planets and their respective inhabitants by finding 'Pandora's Box'. The God of Warriors, Fudo Myo-o, sealed a secret that will save the entire world inside of 'Pandora's Box'. In order to open it, someone will need to find the seven keys first. Hachimaru, a feeble boy who's required medical assistance since birth, might just be one of them!"



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