Shin Ultraman Unveils Latest Trailer

The universe known as "Shin" is the brain child of Hideaki Anno, the man responsible for introducing the world of NERV to the world via Neon Genesis Evangelion. Taking his love of giant monsters and those who battle them, Shin Ultraman is set to put a brand new spin on the classic character that first debuted in Japan in the 1960s. Set to arrive next month, the movie was originally delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but is set to introduce fans to a brand new take on the kaiju killer.

Shin Ultraman will be the second feature-length film in the "Shin Universe", with Shin Godzilla being the first. Aside from this new cinematic universe giving new looks to both Ultraman and the king of the monsters, the new films appear to take on a far more realistic approach to these giant monster battles than what has been seen previously. While we don't know if this will be true for Shin Ultraman, Shin Godzilla focused just as much on government bureaucracy in response to a rampaging behemoth as it did to the lizard king himself, who was given his most terrifying appearance to date.

Toho released the newest trailer for the upcoming release within the Shin Universe, giving us a better look at Ultraman as its clear the growing hero will have plenty of monsters to fight in this upcoming film that is but one of many that have been released over the decades featuring the classic protagonist of Japan:

Shin Ultraman isn't the only hero arriving in this new universe, as Hideaki Anno is slated to tackle Shin Kamen Rider, taking a new approach to the Sentai style warrior. While the Godzilla of this universe has yet to make a return following his initial movie, a recently released poster that assembles the lizard king with Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Eva Unit 01 has fans believing that there might be a major kaiju crossover in the works that assembles all these players. Of course, this might be tricky when it comes to NERV as the organization from Neon Genesis Evangelion has never received a live-action adaptation. 

Currently, a North American release for Shin Ultraman has yet to be revealed, though we would imagine it will only be a matter of time before the hero hits the West in a similar way as Godzilla had.