Shonen Jump Makes an Important Schedule Change

When it comes to manga, there is one household name most everyone knows, and that is Weekly Shonen [...]

When it comes to manga, there is one household name most everyone knows, and that is Weekly Shonen Jump. The publication has been going on for years now, and it has made Shueisha the preeminent name in manga overseas. And thanks to a recent update, it seems the magazine will not be taking as many breaks this month as suspected.

The report came from Twitter user Atsushi101X, a popular manga content creator. It was there the user posted a screenshot of the November schedule for Shonen Jump. As it turns out, there will be no breaks this month, and that is quite the change from what fans were led to believe.


After all, a previous schedule promised two breaks this November. This meant the month would go light on new chapters ahead of the winter holidays. Shonen Jump already enjoys a truncated schedule in December thanks to holidays, and its annual Jump Festa convention is known to prompt breaks as well.

With this update in mind, fans are understandably hyped. Shonen Jump is bringing some top-tier content to readers amidst thee pandemic. One Piece is drawing ever closer to chapter 1,000 which is an understandably huge moment. My Hero Academia is also close to wrapping its most intense arc yet while other titles like Chainsaw Man enter their final stage.

If you want to keep up with Shonen Jump, the best place to visit is Viz Media every Sunday. The publisher does simultaneous releases with Japan, so fans can read official translations with the click of a button. You can also read backlog chapters of your favorite Shonen Jump series with a subscription to Viz's digital library.

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