Slam Dunk Announces Comeback with New Movie

If you are a fan of any sort of anime, there is a good chance you have heard of Slam Dunk. The series is one of the most popular sports manga to ever come from Japan, but its coming-of-age story transcended its genre. Slam Dunk has gone on to become a classic with fans no matter their love of sport, and it seems like the franchise is about to make a comeback.

A new report has made it clear that Slam Dunk is aiming for a comeback with a new movie. The project, which could very well debut in 2021, was announced by creator Inoue Takehiko on social media. The artist posted a short announcement of the film that was then shared around Japan.

At this time, there are very few details known about the film. It hasn't been said whether this movie will be animated or live action. In fact, no one has been attached to the project either, but it seems plans for the Slam Dunk comeback are in the works.

This will be the first time Slam Dunk has hit the court in decades. The last installment of the anime was released in July 1995 with a 40-minute movie. Slam Dunk's TV series ended a year later after debuting in October 1993. And as for the manga, the series was wrapped in June 1996 after Inoue first published it in October 1990.


This new movie could be a reboot of sorts for Slam Dunk, but others are hoping the film will have an original story. Inoue is still vey in touch with his series, so it isn't hard to imagine him penning an original story for this outing. But for now, fans will have to wait for more details as Slam Dunk gets its affairs in order for a comeback.

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