One Piece Creator Explains How Slam Dunk Nearly Derailed the Straw Hats

When it comes to manga, it is hard to imagine the medium without One Piece. The series has been a giant in the industry for well over twenty years, and we have Eiichiro Oda to thank. The artist crafted the Straw Hats years ago, but there is a timeline where Oda did not bring the crew together.

In a resurfaced interview, fans have learned how close Oda came to shifting his career in a different direction. Oda spoke with Takehikoo Inoue of Slam Dunk. It was there the creator of One Piece said he came close to work for Inoue rather than doing his own thing.

slam dunk one piece

"I asked my editor to please let me be an assistant at your studio. He just casually told me 'There aren't any openings.' That really bummed me out," Oda told the other artist. (via OnePieceMangaX)

"If I had been accepted at your studio, it likely would have completely changed my destiny. In a lot of ways, that was probably a turning point for me."

As you can imagine, there are millions of fans who are grateful Oda stuck to his original plan. He may have gone on to publish One Piece even if he did work with Inoue, but it might not be the series we know today. That would be a definite loss for the world, so we are happy Oda was able to do this own thing.


The interview may be a throwback, but it shows Oda in a special light that fans seldom see nowadays. Oda can be a fanboy just like everyone else, and his fandom of choice is manga. So whether we are talking Slam Dunk or My Hero Academia, you can bet Oda is game to gush over the series!

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