'Speed Racer: The Ultimate Collection' Is Pricey But Perfect for Longtime Fans

When you think of shonen anime, you might think of Dragon Ball or Naruto. However, the genre was [...]

When you think of shonen anime, you might think of Dragon Ball or Naruto. However, the genre was dominated by Speed Racer just a few decades back. The anime, which is also known by Mach Go Go Go, was one of the first to make a name for itself in the U.S. Now, you can watch the whole series at home thanks to a pricey collector's Blu-ray set, but newcomers to the series may want to hold off on the purchase.

Last year, Funimation rolled out its special box set of Speed Racer to the tune of $300. The staggering price gave fans plenty of content, but the one thing fans were paying most for was Mach Go Go Go. It took a long time, but Funimation was able to license the anime's Japanese episodes. The original series is made its U.S. video debut with this pricey set, and it looks as gorgeous as you'd hope.

The special box set does not skimp on its technical specs. Fans get all of Speed Racer, Mach Go Go Go, and Mach Go Go Go: Restart in this massive collection, and each look great. With over 3,000 minutes of video, it all comes in glorious 1080p. Fans have never seen Speed Racer look this good before, and both the English and Japanese audio tracks have been fined-tuned to sound perfectly crisp.

As for the box itself, the special collection has its perks. The Blu-ray discs are housed in a special bust of Go Mifune, the Speed Racer himself. The housing feels solid, and it even delivers catchphrases, though they are hard to hear. The set's soundboard or speakers are not loud enough to penetrate the housing properly, so you have to be close to hear him speak. Along with a key chain, the collectible has a special interview with Connie Orr, the voice actress of Trixie, which any diehard fan will love.

With a $300 price tag, this Speed Racer set is meant for fans who don't just remember the anime fondly, but think of it every day. The collectible's cost is high even for an anime collection, and it does not come with as many accessories as other collector's sets. What you are getting for the price is the experience of owning this special set, and being one of the first to own Mach Go Go Go on home video here in the U.S. - and that is about it.

If you are just coming in to the Speed Racer fandom or just want to watch it again, there are other options out there. After all, you can get all of the anime on Blu-ray for just over $20 if you would like. But for those who still say Speed Racer is the top shonen series out there, this set is made for them. It gives those fans unprecedented access to the franchise's canon, and it will have diehard otakus racing back to their childhoods.