Spy x Family Nearly Exposes Twilight's Secret Spy Identity

Spy x Family Chapter 86 nearly exposes Twilight's secret identity as a spy due to the harshness of his fight with Yuri Briar.

Spy x Family has just wrapped an intense new arc where Twilight and the rest of WISE had taken down a super spy who nearly blew all of Operation Strix's secrets wide open, and in the process Twilight almost had his secret identity as Loid Forger exposed by Yor Forger's brother, Yuri Briar! Twilight was caught in the web of Winston Wheeler, who was such a tricky spy that Twilight never quite had an edge over alone. Making matters worse was the brief encounter that Twilight had with Yuri as the government police were also trying to take down this spy as well. 

Though the fight with Yuri ended with the both of them being able to escape, Twilight ended up taking a wound that made the final confrontation with Wheeler all the more difficult. But thanks to Nightfall being able to bring the mission to an end in full, Twilight returned to his Forger family home life and was quickly met by Yuri as well. Through an intense moment, Yuri nearly discovers that Loid was actually Twilight thanks to a small mistake Twilight had made thanks to his wounded arm. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Will Twilight's Secret Identity Be Exposed?

Spy x Family Chapter 86 sees Twilight and the rest of WISE successfully bring their operation against Winston Wheeler to an end, and it was here that Twilight shifted his focus back to how he left things with Yor. The two of them were fighting the last time they saw one another, and thus Twilight was trying to figure out how to deal with his family situation as Loid but also facing injury and exhaustion from his mission. This ultimately leads to his mistake in front of Yuri as Yuri suddenly appears, notices Loid's injuries, and even sees Loid twinge in the same arm that Yuri had shot Twilight in. 

Yuri pulls up Loid's sleeve to reveal a completely clean arm, and for the moment Yuri no longer thinks Loid could be Twilight and insisting the spy wouldn't need to disguise themselves as someone close (and mirror him completely as a result) because they're just that good. But it's soon revealed that this was just make up to make Twilight's arm could be healed and thus he realizes that he's starting to slip up and it makes the future of Operation Strix all the more unclear as the spy is starting to lose his edge and adherence to perfection. 

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