Spy x Family Becomes Japan's Most Popular Anime

Spy x Family was one of the most anticipated new anime series of the spring season of 2022, following an unlikely trio made up of a master spy, a deadly assassin, and a hilarious young telepath. With the series readying the release of its fourth episode, it seems that the first episodes of the series have become the big thing in Japan right now, as the television show has gained the most ratings of any anime currently running in the country today.    

While the Forgers might live in a world of espionage, the series has plenty of humor to accompany the trio, especially when it comes to the young girl Anya. While Loid is the master spy known as Twilight and Yor is the master assassin known as the Thorn Princess, Anya knows her new parents' secrets thanks in part to her telepathic abilities, which she has managed to keep hidden from her father and mother. With the latest episode seeing the family coming together to both purchase new clothing as well as stop a purse snatcher, the mission continues as Twilight attempts to use this faux family to accomplish his goals.

In a recent study from Video Research Limited, it would seem that the premiere episodes are scoring close to seven million viewers in Japan as it stands, making it not just the biggest anime series, but the second most-watched television show in the country period, showing how big the medium has become. 

Along with the popularity of the anime series, the manga has seen major growth in overall sales, with around 1.7 million copies sold thanks in part to the reception to the animated show created by both Wit Studio and CloverWorks. While Demon Slayer was typically the king of anime television ratings during its second season, the conclusion of the Entertainment District Arc and Spy x Family airing new episodes seems to have tilted the scales in favor of the Forger Family.

What do you think of Spy x Family's major accomplishment when it comes to ratings in Japan? Do you think it is set to be the biggest anime of 2022 at this point? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Forgers.

Via TV Fandom Lounge