SSSS.Gridman is Coming to Toonami

SSSS.Gridman is coming to Toonami! Toonami announced during their special live panel as part of [...]

SSSS.Gridman is coming to Toonami! Toonami announced during their special live panel as part of the virtual Adult Swim Festival that SSSS.Gridman will be coming to the Adult Swim programming block in January 2021. A joint production between Tsuburaya Productions and Studio Trigger, the series is an anime take on the classic Tokusatsu franchise, Denkou Choujin Gridman. Though some fans in the West will more likely recognize it by its English licensed name, Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. A blending of both of these names results in the new series' title, SSSS.Gridman as a shout out to the franchise's past.

Releasing on the Toonami block next January, Sr. Creative Director of Adult Swim On-Air Gill Austin and VP and Creative Director for Adult Swim On-Air (and Toonami Co-Creator) Jason DeMarco mentioned that the series "came really close" to airing earlier, but fell through at the last moment.

They mentioned how they have a promo for SSSS.Gridman ready to go, but fans won't be seeing it until much closer to its release in January. Also noting how the block has not had a "good robot show," in a while, SSSS.Gridman will be checking those boxes for many new fans and for the block as a whole.

SSSS Gridman Toonami
(Photo: Adult Swim)

SSSS.Gridman was received as one of the best anime of 2018 among fans, and was such a successful team up between Tsuburaya Productions and Trigger (the studio behind Promare, Kill la Kill and more) that it has since inspired a live-action project and spin-off anime series debuting next year as well, SSSS.Dynazenon. The series took the characters and ideas from the older series and brought them to a new universe while still paying homage to the original franchise.

It was a curious blend that fans of Toonami will soon get to experience for themselves. By the time it premieres in January there will be plenty of space in the schedule, so we'll see what kind of time slot it will get in the future! Not to mention all of the new additions that could be coming next year! But what do you think?

Are you excited to see SSSS.Gridman coming to Toonami? What other series are you hoping comes to the Adult Swim block next year? What time slot do you think it will get? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!