Star Wars Shares First-Look at Princess Leia Manga

Star Wars is no stranger to the world of manga, and it is about to become even more familiar with the industry this month. After a long wait, Leia: Princess of Alderaan will bring its seminal story to manga readers in the United States. Now, a first look at the manga has gone live, and Star Wars fans will be excited to see Claudia Gray's story come to life in full color.

It wasn't long ago that Star Wars updated fans on the manga adaptation with this exclusive look. The official website shared a slew of pages from the upcoming volume. It was there fans took in the artwork from Haruichi, and their visions of Leia's 16th birthday is an emotional one.

You can check out the sneak-peek in full here, but its full cover art can be seen below. The lovely piece shows Leia dressed in ornate clothes while her home is colored in the background. Wearing a delicate headpiece, Leia dons a flowing white gown that features a cap and a cinched waist. A belt completes the dress, and its metalwork matches that of her headpiece.

(Photo: Star Wars)

Of course, Leia wields a sword in this manga, and the ceremonial weapon is gorgeous to behold. The sword is used during the ceremony Leia undergoes on her 16th birthday known as the Day of Demand. The event celebrates her formal intention to take the Alderaanian throne one day. However, this manga will follow Leia through the years leading up to this birthday, so this Star Wars manga will be a must-read for fans when it hits shelves on October 27.

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