Star Wars: Visions Hypes "The Elder" with New Poster

When Star Wars: Visions landed on Disney+ earlier this month, it gave fans of the franchise its first anime interpretation via nine short stories that explored different aspects of the galaxy that is far, far away. Now, the anthology series has revealed a new poster for one of its best stories, brought to life by Studio TRIGGER in "The Elder". While Disney has yet to reveal if there will be a second season for the anime series, the producers behind the latest series have confirmed that it is possible that the characters from these stories might appear in live-action someday.

Studio TRIGGER's The Elder focuses on two Jedi, one master and one Padawan, who are called to a distant planet and encounter a Sith who definitely has a problem with Jedi. This wasn't the only short that TRIGGER created for the animated series, also has brought to life the story of "The Twins", featuring two siblings that struggled with the light and dark side of the Force. In our ranking of all the shorts from Star Wars: Visions, The Elder was one of the highest-ranked stories, proving itself to be a one and done series that truly captured the aesthetic of the franchise created by George Lucas. 

Star Wars' Official Twitter Account shared the new trailer for Studio TRIGGER's anthology story, featuring one of the most heart-pounding battles of the anime series, that featured one of the scariest villains of the show battling against both a Jedi Master and his young apprentice:

Studio TRIGGER hasn't had a long history in the world of anime, first hitting the scene in 2011 and really turning heads with the anime series Kill la Kill, but it has certainly stepped on the gas when it comes to creating new animated adventures within the medium. Though its latest work is in the world of the Jedi and the Sith, TRIGGER is also currently working on an animated adaptation of the world of Cyberpunk 2077 for Netflix. 


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