Star Wars: Visions Director Confirms One Episode's Series Potential

Star Wars: Visions is the first time that the science fiction juggernaut franchise has dove headfirst into the world of anime, with the anthology series releasing on the streaming service of Disney+ earlier this year, and it seems that one director behind one of the most popular segments is hoping that his story will continue into the future. While the first season of Visions was welcomed by fans of both Star Wars and anime alike, Disney has yet to confirm that a second season will be on the way but there certainly is plenty of potential with the characters introduced.

The Ninth Jedi was directed by Kenji Kamiyama and brought to life by the anime studio Production IG, who was perhaps most well known for series such as Haikyuu and Pokemon Origins to name a few. In this anthology story, we witness a lightsaber maker who has to deal with evil forces that are coming to strike down allies of the Jedi and the blacksmith placing his faith into his daughter, who might just be the next great Jedi to help in restoring balance to the Force. Star Wars Visions for the most part presented stories that don't take place within the main continuity of the franchise, with each of these stories presenting characters and environments that fit right into the mythos created by George Lucas.

The news outlet Oricon had the opportunity to interview director Kenji Kamiyama, asking about a potential sequel for the Ninth Jedi and whether he'd like to return to the story that is being touted by many as the best segment of Star Wars: Visions and for good reason:

"If that is possible, I would definitely like to try it, and I think the story is complete enough to make a feature film,"

Disney+ turned a number of heads recently when it announced that it would begin diving into the world of anime outside of the universe of Star Wars, by licensing a number of new projects within the medium including Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall, Yojohan Time Machine Blues, and Summer Time Rendering.

What Star Wars: Vision segment do you think is most warranted to return for a sequel? What was your favorite segment from the anime anthology? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Star Wars

Via Oricon