Studio Ghibli Meets Animal Crossing in This Gorgeous Crossover

There are cute things... and then there are the neighbors of Animal Crossing. The hit Nintendo title is known for its adorable artwork, and it seems like one Studio Ghibli fan has decided to give the game a bit of anime flair. After all, one artist has combined the two franchises with some cute artwork that will have fans clamoring for a DLC pack in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Over on Reddit, fans began geeking out over some artwork done by Spirutts on Instagram. The adorable work imagined the mascots of Studio Ghibli as characters in Animal Crossing, and you can see how perfect the crossover is in the artwork below.

From humans to critters, this combination as them all. Hayao Miyazaki's legendary creations are reimagined in this artwork in a way Nintendo would swoon over. In the top left, fans can see Totoro give a perfect makeover complete with an umbrella.

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✨🌱#animalcrossing x #studioghibli crossover!!🌱✨ FINALLY FINISHED!! ((o(´∀`)o)) will be available to buy on my Etsy in March as A5 and A3 prints,, and a few stickers ohoho ( ETSY: spiruttscrafts ) This year is going to be crazily good We’re getting #animalcrossingnewhorizons in March and all of the Ghibli films are coming to Netflix AND... ILL BE VISITING JAPAN LATER THIS YEAR all of my favourite things coming together very blessed this year ( ; u ; )💕💕 Hope you all like this drawing it was a lot of fun!! Did I miss any of your favourites? Who would you want most in your new town?? #art #artist #drawing #animalcrossingnewhorizons #fanart #acnh #acnl #tomnook #chibi #chibiart #anime #animeartist #cute #kawaii #cuteart #totoro #kikisdeliveryservice #ponyo #princessmononoke #pompoko #porcorosso #thecatreturns #spiritedaway #howlsmovingcastle #castleinthesky #catbus #nausicaa

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As the list goes on, fans will recognize Jiji whom belongs to Kiki from her titular film. The adorable kitty has a stylish collar on, and she is next to Ponyo who is seven shades of cute.


You can see that few characters missed this list as we can see Porco, Catbus, Howl, Chihiro, and more. If Nintendo could make a DLC pack like this come to life, fans of Studio Ghibli might pass out in droves from the shock, but they'd wake up plenty satisfied. After all, this is the kind of mash up dreams are made out of, and fans wouldn't have a bad thing to say about such a makeover. And if the franchise's upcoming game can meet that request, well - Nintendo would have an even hotter seller on its hands than expected!

How much would you pay for an Animal Crossing DLC that brought this crossover to the Nintendo Switch? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!