Watch: Studio Ghibli Cafe Reopens with Surprise Visit from Hayao Miyazaki

Studio Ghibli has become synonymous with whimsical animation, and much of its success is thanks to [...]

Studio Ghibli has become synonymous with whimsical animation, and much of its success is thanks to Hayao Miyazaki. The venerated director is responsible for bringing some of the greatest films ever made to life. From Spirited Away to Grave of the Fireflies, Studio Ghibli has cultivated a vibrant array of works for Miyazaki. And thanks to a cute new video, fans can watch as the director takes a lunch break at the restaurant housed in the Studio Ghibli Museum.

The video was posted recently by the museum itself to show how its cafe has been updated with COVID-19 in mind. The restaurant has been shut down for quite some time following the pandemic outbreak earlier this year. Now, the Studio Ghibli's Straw Hat Cafe is ready to serve patrons, and Miyazaki showed up to be one of its first.

The clip was filmed recently with Miyazaki leading an entourage of workers including Studio Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki. The producer joined Miyazaki for a lunch break at the cafe, and the video is pretty much precious. Despite Miyazaki's status within the company, he waits patiently to make sure the cafe's customers are all served well, and he even wars with himself about ordering a soda float.

Spoiler alert, he orders the drink. It definitely seems like the right move, and I want one for myself now.

If you want to try a meal like this, you will have to make a reservation for the museum to get one. The cafe is open to patrons during select hours, and the Studio Ghibli Museum is currently taking limited reservations due to the pandemic. But if you happen to be in Japan and have the time, it seems Suzuki and Miyazaki are fans of the cafe's updated katsu sandwiches!

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