Dragon Ball Designer Settles Longstanding God of Destruction Debate

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, there is little doubt you've heard of its ongoing promo anime. The franchise has got its mainline series going strong in print, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes has anime covered for the time being. As the show becomes more popular, fandom debates surrounding its canon have gone live, and it has fallen to one person to set things straight when it comes to the Gods of Destruction.

Recently, the Twitter user Lightnight446 got their hands on some Super Dragon Ball Heroes content, and the piece contained an interview with game producer Water Higuchi. They translated the text to learn new details about how the Gods of Destruction fit into this series' canon, and Higuchi explained why the deities haven't shown up in the anime until now.

"Actually, when we were making UVM, we did discuss and think 'Wouldn't it be weird if the Gods of Destruction didn't appear in neither the Prison Planet or Universal Mayhem sagas?'," Higuchi said.

Vegeta Beerus
(Photo: Toei Animation)

To make up for this, the designer says writers for the game and anime chose to explain the Gods away with a simple trick. Way back when, the Gods of Destruction were said to be playing hide-and-seek with Zeno, so Higuchi felt it was okay to rely on that. If the Gods were too busy distracting Zeno from what was happening outside, their absence in the arcs felt more natural. But now that thee game is over, the Gods of Destruction are ready to join the series, and they've got a bone to pick with Universe 7 for their recent disobedience.


Clearly, the team behind Super Dragon Ball Heroes is working together as an unit on its stories, but some things are harder to fit in than others. The Gods of Destruction are a prime example of that, and their ingenuity got the characters in the series before long. Now, fans are ready to pitch their other most-wanted fighters before crossing their fingers they'll actually show up.

Do you buy this explanation from Super Dragon Ball Heroes? Or do you still have an issue with the Gods' absence? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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