Sword Art Online Gets Cute with Kirito and Asuna Teddy Bears

The world of Sword Art Online can be a deadly serious one as both the protagonists of Kirito and Asuna have found themselves in constant struggles of life and death since the franchise began, but these upcoming teddy bears that are made to look like both stars of the anime will give fans some serious levity when they arrive for purchase later this year! Though there have certainly been some insanely strange examples of anime merchandise in the past, we'd be hard pressed to think of many that are as adorable as these plush stuffed animals!

Though the latest season of Sword Art Online may be delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the fan base behind the franchise is still in love with the characters of Kirito and Asuna. When Kirito first arrived in the virtual world of Sword Art Online, he was presented with a dangerous choice: to attempt to defeat the challenges presented in the digital landscape and risk real life death or live out the rest of his days within it. It was a decision that both Kirito and Asuna struggled with and even though they were able to eventually defeat the massive threats that were a part of the game turned deadly serious.

The upcoming teddy bears will be created by the company Steiff, in conjunction with Kadokawa, and will retail for around $420 USD for fans of Sword Art Online later this year for the pair, with pre-orders beginning in July of this year with the release tentatively set for September!

Sword Art Online Teddy Bears
(Photo: Steiff)

The latest season of Sword Art Online, War of Underworld, has featured a Kirito who is far different from the protagonist we knew in the past, mostly due to the fact that he's been stuck in a coma for most of it. While the series has had to change things up since its initial story line that focused on a different digital domain, it has been able to introduce new environments and characters to keep things fresh!

Will you be picking up these Sword Art Online teddy bears later this year? What other anime franchises should receive adorable merchandise such as this? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the digital worlds of Sword Art Online!


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