Netflix Renews The Dragon Prince for Four More Seasons

As one of the surprise announcements during Comic-Con at Home it was confirmed that Netflix's big [...]

As one of the surprise announcements during Comic-Con at Home it was confirmed that Netflix's big hit The Dragon Prince would not only be coming back for another season, but it has been renewed for FOUR more seasons! During a special panel with the cast and crew of the series during the virtual convention, it was confirmed that The Dragon Prince has been picked up for Seasons 4 through 7. Netflix has announced that the Wonderstorm original animated series will continue telling the story of its saga for the foreseeable future.

During the The Dragon Prince Comic-Con at Home panel the news was delivered to both the cast and fans in (virtual) attendance, and everyone reacted with the same amount of excitement. As for what we can expect from these new seasons, each of these four new seasons will run for nine episodes each. Season 4 of The Dragon Prince was confirmed to be in production as of this panel, but there's currently no concrete premiere date just yet.

The most exciting bit of this announcement is that this is now officially The Dragon Prince Saga. Netflix has confirmed that they are committed to seeing this entire Saga come to fruition, and with the confirmation that four new seasons will tell this story it's certainly going to be a fun watch for many fans knowing that there are at least four more batches of new episodes coming in the pipeline.

This update for the fan favorite animated series comes just at the right time as fans have been curious about the future of the series ever since Season 3 dropped on Netflix last November. The third season finale left things on a peculiar cliffhanger that fans were hoping got resolved with a fourth season, but now we can all rest easy knowing that the team behind The Dragon Prince has been given enough time to tell the complete story they want to tell.

Are you excited to see The Dragon Prince continue with new episodes? What do you think of the first three seasons so far? Are you excited to see that it's not just Season 4, but Seasons 4-7? How do you think this saga will come to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!