The Promised Neverland Will Reportedly End Next Week

The Promised Neverland has been heading towards its end for some time now, and it seems the finale is upon us. New reports suggest the hit manga will be coming to a close next week after The Promised Neverland said it would reach its climax a couple of months back. As the fallout settles from the big climax, it seems the time has come for Emma to say goodbye to her readers. That is if the new reports are accurate, of course.

The reports about The Promised Neverland cropped up on social media after a reported info dump from Shonen Jump went live. It was there fans said the manga would end with issue 28 of Weekly Shonen Jump.

"The Promised Neverland will end next week with Chapter 181. Volume 19 of the series is scheduled to release in July, and its final Volume 20 will be announced in the future," Twitter user WSJ_manga shared with fans. "[It] will end in issue #28 with a color page & 27 pages."

So far, there is no official word on this report, but fans can expect to hear something really soon. Weekly Shonen Jump will put out its newest issue in a matter of days, so readers can scope out any such announcement for themselves.


As for the series, fans will be sad to see The Promised Neverland fly away. The manga has been a favorite under Shueisha for some time thanks to its steady sales. The arrival of The Promised Neverland anime only made the story more popular with international audiences. Currently, work is being done on the show's second season, so it seems the franchise plans to live on a little bit longer.

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