Tokyo Ghoul Brings OVAs to Funimation at Last

Tokyo Ghoul is a fan-favorite franchise that many anime fans have waited to see a return to the [...]

Tokyo Ghoul is a fan-favorite franchise that many anime fans have waited to see a return to the world of animation following its second season, and while there hasn't been any new confirmation of Ken Kaneki returning to the airwaves, two original video animations are now available on Funimation. Though there aren't currently any plans for Tokyo Ghoul to give us a third season or a remake of the manga series that revolves around a terrifying world of supernatural creatures that feast on human flesh, the arrival of these two new OVAs might placate several fans.

Neither Tokyo Ghoul: Jack or Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto revolve around the main protagonist in Ken Kaneki, rather exploring the world of the anime created by Sui Ishida. Jack is a story that revolves around a high school student named Kishou Arima, who also happens to claim to be a "Ghoul Investigator", placing him in a battle with a Halloween-themed flesh-eater. On the flip side, Pinto follows a conflicted ghoul named Shou, who is struggling with his new supernatural nature.

The official Tokyo Ghoul Twitter Account shared the news that the two OVAs are now available to stream on Funimation, in both dubbed and subbed versions, in Tokyo Ghoul: Jack and Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto which dive into aspects of the world of ghouls outside of Ken Kaneki:

The world of Tokyo Ghoul has most recently hit the world of entertainment via the live-action film, Tokyo Ghoul S, which attempts to translate the events of both the anime and the manga. On top of this, the anime franchise also received a video game for the series that hit North America for the first time in Tokyo Ghoul: re Call To Exist. As mentioned earlier, no news has been released regarding a new Tokyo Ghoul project, but fans aren't afraid to share their desire to see the world of Ken Kaneki return via social media.

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