'Tokyo Ghoul:re' Releases New Anime Posters

It looks like the clock is ticking down on Tokyo Ghoul’s anime comeback. Earlier this year, fans learned Studio Pierrot was developing a new season of the series, and its first posters have been spotted out around Japan.

Over on Twitter, the official page for Tokyo Ghoul’s anime shared a special treat with fans. A series of pictures were uploaded which featured promotional posters for Tokyo Ghoul:re. The collection was posted at Kaihinmakuhari Station for fans to go check out.

“At the Kaihinmakuhari Station, posters of Tokyo Ghoul:re have been posted! The latest visual of the anime was used! Please check it out,” the tweet wrote.

tokyo ghoul
(Photo: Twitter / Tokyo Ghoul )

So far, the new posters have yet to debut in full online, but these screenshots show plenty. There are several new visuals as each main character of Tokyo Ghoul:re got their own poster. A group shot was also posted that has Ken Kaneki standing in the middle of his new team. Earlier this year, fans got their first taste of the series and its cast when Pierrot dropped a teaser trailer for the long-awaited comeback.

If you are familiar with the Tokyo Ghoul sequel, then you will know the series follows an amnesiac Kaneki as he creates his own CCG squad. The hero leads a team known as the ‘Quinx Squad’ who is filled with others like Kaneki. The group houses investigators who are half-Ghoul, and the trailer gave each of the squad’s members a close-up.


The new anime will catch up with Ken, but the character isn’t one fans will remember. The boy is living under the name Haise Sasaki after he sustained permanent brain damage during his encounter with Kisho Arima. The hero begins leading a team of CCG investigators who underwent a similar procedure that he did to channel their Ghoul powers. The group is able to fight like Ghouls while living lives as normal humans, and Tokyo Ghoul:re follows Ken/Sasaki as he begins to recount the life he forgot.

If you are unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, then you can start catching up on the popular horror series right now. Tokyo Ghoul is set in an alternate reality where creatures known as ghouls exist. The horrifying monsters survive by consuming human flesh and live amongst humans in secret. The story follows a boy named Ken Kaneki after a date-gone-wrong leaves him a half-ghoul. Struggling to adapt to his new life, Ken tries his best to fit into ghoul society, keep his monstrous status hidden from humans, and reign in the insatiable hunger he has for flesh.