'Tokyo Ghoul's Final Season Premiere Has Fans Livid

Tokyo Ghoul has ended its manga run, and it looks like the anime is on the way out. The final season of Tokyo Ghoul put out its first episode recently, and it seems one thing is for certain...

As it turns out, fans are real unhappy with Tokyo Ghoul:re and its return.

Over on social media, fans are letting their anger over Tokyo Ghoul's latest episode be known. Sites like Reddit have become a hub for fans stunned by the show's pacing, and it isn't hard to see why.

"I have read the manga. I knew they were gonna squeeze like 127 chapters into 12 episodes. Yet, I think I was like the only person on the entire internet who still, rationally, had a little bit of hope that the anime could at least be somewhat decent," a fan known as Weez Monkey wrote.


"That hope is lost now. Looks like the show is gonna be a disaster after all."

Other fans, however, were not quite as polite. Many posts went live asking Tokyo Ghoul why he cut out so much information from its premiere, and it did cut a lot. Like, a whole lot.


The premiere failed to explain that Haise Sasaki (Ken Kaneki) is no longer in charge of the Quinx Squad. It didn't introduce some important background info about Sen Takatsuki, and Operation Rushima was glossed over to say at the least. The lack of clarification was distracting enough, but the premiere piled on a rotating character cast to make things worse. And, by the end, fans admit they are ready to drop the show and finishing out Tokyo Ghoul with the manga alone.

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Tokyo Ghoul: re is a sequel started in 2014, and set two years after the events of the original series. The sequel follows Haise Sasaki, a member of the CCG and leader of a special squad of investigators who have implanted the CCG's specialty weapon, the Quinque, into their bodies and essentially have become half ghoul. However, the twist is that Haise is actually Ken Kaneki from the original series who's suffering from a bout of amnesia.