Toonami Adds Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

Toonami, the anime-streaming block that's part of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, has announced that it will officially add Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin to its schedule starting July 6th. It is currently unclear exactly what time slot it will take, but it will almost certainly be the English-language dub.

While Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin began as a four-episode OVA series in 2015, ultimately stretching to six episodes in total, Toonami is most likely to air the 13-episode anime series that recompiled the OVAs for television. The OVA series was an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko which was itself an adaptation of the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime's plot. So, in other words, Toonami is likely to air a recompilation of an adaptation of an adaptation of a 1979 anime series.

You can check out Toonami's official announcement below:

Here's how Hulu, which has both the Japanese-language sub and English-language dub available to stream, describes the anime series:

"What was the tragedy that decided the fates of Char Aznable, the man later nicknamed the 'Red Comet' as an ace pilot of the Zeon forces, and his sister Sayla Mass? The two siblings’ journeys, brought on by the sudden death of their father Zeon Zum Deikun who was a leader of the Spacenoids, are depicted in the four episodes of 'Chronicle of Char and Sayla'. This story will be presented in the form of event screenings. The Zabi family who seize control of Side 3 and lead the Principality of Zeon, the early days of many renowned Zeon ace pilots who later fight in the One Year War, the secrets of mobile suit development, conflicts with the Earth Federation Forces, and the road leading to the outbreak of war—all will be revealed."


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